What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration in India is enrolled under Copyright Act, 1957. It provides a kind of safety so that the work carried out by the creator of work cannot be copied by anyone and to restore the uniqueness of the product. There are bundles of rights under Copyright like communication to the public, the rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work.

Copyright is basically a legal right which has been provided to the creators of literature, dramatics, musical and artistic work and even the producer’s films and sound recordings. Sometimes even businesses and startups get copyright registration related to instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Usually, copyright is possessed by a creator of the work, but sometimes even the employer of its creator or the person who has authorized the work can own the copyright.

Copyright registration can be done through MK Technology in Nagpur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & all other Indian cities.

What is included in our Package?

  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing
  • Government Fees
  • Diary number

Copyright Registration

  • Start protecting your work and enjoying certain legal rights over it in.

  • 3 days Starting At  Rs. 4,629 Onwards SAVE 30% COST!!!

Complete Copyright application form

You need to fill out a simple copyright form which will gather all the required information & will help us while filing your registration.

Prepare Copyright Application

According to your need, our expert will prepare your copyright application. We will coordinate with you for all the copyright documents

Procedure for Copyright Registration

Filing of Copyright Application

As soon as your documents and application are processed properly, our executive will submit your copyright application with the department.

Copyright certificate issued

After approval of the copyright application, an acknowledgement will be provided to the client.

Legal Protection

The creators or owners of original work can always protect their work through copyright registration. It helps them against infringement.

Market Presence

With copyright registration, your creative work is gets promoted among mass in a single go. It can be easily used for publicizing or for marketing in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

Rights over dissemination, translation, reproduction and adaptation of work have been fully assigned to the creator of work.


Copyright registration helps you in protecting your unique work and will act as an evidence in the court of law over ownership of the work.

Restricts Unauthorized Reproduction

It restricts to produce duplicity of the unique work and give more preference to the owner of work.

Advantages of Copyright Registration?

Creation of Asset

It generates an intellectual property. Registered copyrights can be sold, commercially contracted or franchised with the prior permission of the owner.

Branding or Goodwill

As it is always said, branding plays an important role in promoting your work. So, Copyright registration can even help you to create a sense of goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer.

Global Protection

India allows or provides privilege to the work which copyrighted in many other countries and vice-versa. Copyright registration in India is accorded protection in many other countries.

Makes Work Known

People come to know about registered work easily and it is easily searchable on many platforms with the registered database.


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